Quick Hello + Introduction

I’m jumping into a blog (for the second try) and aim to be much more consistent with posting this time around. I’ll share everything from current work to current events in our life. I’m starting off with some sketches of the first of six pieces I’ve been commissioned to do for a bride. The bride, Amanda, contacted me looking for personal gifts for each of her bridesmaids. She sent me quotes she feels fits each girl and over the next 6 months I’ll be taking these from sketch to completion and share the progress on here.
 Que Sera Sera
This commission comes on the heels of another wedding gift commission. Darcy, a former classmate and friend of bride Rebecca reached out to me to create a unique gift for Rebecca and her husband Scott. Rebecca shared a Shel Silverstein quote she really enjoyed with Darcy who turned it over to me. Rebecca and Scott love nature and have a lot of blues in their apartment so the sun print idea came to mind instantly. I wish Rebecca + Scott the happiest of starts!
Interested in ordering a custom piece? You can contact me through my Etsy site.

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